Tree Care

Caring for you tree can be one of the most important things that makes your experience with a real tree enjoyable.
Here are some tips for prolonging your trees life and looks.


1. Leave your tree outside or in a cool place until you are ready to put it up.

2. If it has been over twelve hours since you picked your tree, cut an inch off of the bottom of the stump.

3. Put your tree up away from any heat source or fireplace. Heat shortens the life of your tree by drying it out.

4. Fill the tree's stand or bucket with hot water from the tap the first time. This encourages the tree to drink more, thus keeping it alive for longer. Note: DO NOT USE WATER FROM A WATER SOFTENER, residual salt in the softened water is not good for the longevity of your tree. Use water from a bypass before your water softener, bottled water or even rain water.

5. NEVER LET YOUR  TREE GO DRY, treat it like a bouquet of flowers! Water it twice a day with regular tap water. Don't add anything else to your tree's water. We have found that tap water without any additives works best.