Family Fun Farm

We are thrilled to welcome you to the Family Fun Farm 7 days a week from 9am - 5pm.  We are accepting cash and onsite payments but strongly encourage you to book in advance this year. 

Limited number of spaces available for walk-in please schedule in advance wherever possible. 

Schedule your visit now! 

Please review the COVID protocols before coming to the farm. 

What can you expect?

  • Our family’s own play structure! This was built by Bob in 1999 for Ryan and Julie to play on. Bob thought it would be fun to have some features like the ones Mom and Dad have in real life, so he built it with a car steering wheel and an airplane control yoke. 
  • A local retired Air Canada pilot built this airplane with his father when he was a teenager in 1966. It flew actively for 52 years, going as far as Winnipeg, Manitoba. It finally retired in 2018, and had its last landing on our runway. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll notice there is an airplane runway straight down the middle of our farm! Bob is a pilot and has two airplanes of his own, and is in the process of constructing a third. This plane was a project in mechanics illustrated and was originally yellow, but has been repainted to resemble a Spitfire that is accurate to the camouflage planes flown in World War 2.

  • This is a real working Ferguson tractor model TEA made in Coventry, England, built in 1951. It has 28 horsepower. While it hasn’t ever been used on this farm, we do have two other tractors just like it which we use for many tasks on the farm, such as mowing weeds between the trees, hauling firewood, and filling washouts. 
  • We have four campfire pits where you can sit down, warm up, and roast your marshmallows! The benches were handmade by Bob out of the cedar trees that were cut down to make the new grove area. ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE WEEKEND.
  • This is our farm’s real working bulldozer. It is used to clear large areas of brush and dirt so we can plant new trees! All new tree planting areas we’ve made since 2000 have been cleared using this bulldozer. It also had a big role in the making of the parking lot. It weighs 12,000 pounds!

    Farm Animal Family:

    • Luna is a 16-year-old miniature donkey. She is very opinionated, and her breys echo across the whole area when she has something to say. She’s a real junk food junkie, and we have to be extra careful not to let her get into any sweets or treats when we aren’t looking.
    • Our 3-year-old Nigerian dwarf goats. The black one is Victor and the tan one is Frank. Because goats are found in rocky and mountainous areas in the wild, they love climbing things and being up high. We’ve given them old dog agility obstacles to keep them entertained, which they love to climb and play on.

    • Our 3-year-old Gotland Sheep. The black-faced one is Matilda and the white-faced one is Sheila. Sheila was bottle-fed as a lamb so she is very friendly, but Matilda is the polar opposite and takes a long time to warm up to people. Both are sheared yearly, and their wool can be used for spinning. 

    • Duncan is our 10-year-old pony. He usually is the one we do pony rides with, but this year he’s on vacation as a petting zoo pony instead! He loves being brushed, especially on the nose, and can sometimes be spotted grooming Paisley as her coarse hair has a similar texture to a bristle brush. 

    • Paisley is a 2-year-old pot-bellied pig. She is new to the farm this year, and was a mother’s day gift to Diana from her daughter Julie. She is super smart, and is constantly finding new ways to escape the barnyard and visit us at the house.