Do we have to book ahead to cut our own tree?
No, booking ahead is only for the Family Fun Farm area and there are no entry fees for the U-Cut area of the farm.

Are dogs allowed on the farm?
Your well-behaved canine family member is welcome to join in the tree cutting experience! Please be sure to use a leash and clean up after your dog. 

For the safety of our petting zoo animals, we do not permit dogs inside the Family Fun Farm.

What kinds of trees do you have available?
We have five varieties of spruce: white, black, blue, Norway and Meyers; and a limited quantity of balsam fir, Scotch pine, and white pine. 

What is the average price for a cut your own tree?
U-Cut trees in the grove up to 8ft are $60*

*Our premium Blue spruce grow in select areas and are $80 up to 8ft

Do we have to bring our own saw to cut a tree?

It is best if you bring your own saw, but we do have a limited number of saws available at the gate for customers to borrow.

Do we have to cut our own tree?
While we are a primarily cut your own farm, we do have a selection of pre-cut trees available for customers to choose from at the gate.

Do you sell small trees? 
Yes, small pre-cut trees of various sizes are available at a reduced price. Please see an attendant if you are looking for a small tree.

Please note that all U-Cut trees are $60 up to 8ft.

Will there be horse drawn wagon rides and pony rides?
Yes! On all weekends there will be pony rides and the weekends of Nov 25, Dec 2, Dec 9 and Dec 16 we will have horse drawn sleigh rides. There will also be tractor wagon rides as part of the Family Fun Farm area.

I'm a photographer and I would like to book client sessions in the tree grove, is this allowed?
Yes, for a daily fee we do allow photographers to use the grove for photo sessions! Please contact us on Facebook and let us know which days you'd like to come.

I'm having an issue completing my online purchase, can you assist me?
Yes please reach out to us by email or phone, hello@barrettstreefarm.ca and 905-342-2622, to let us know what the problem is. We can absolutely help you with any issues you encounter and appreciate any feedback you have about our new website.