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Natural Christmas Trees

A Green Choice for Christmas

Our Christmas trees are planted as a crop to sell. They are grown on marginal land that is not well suited for other traditional farm crops. For every tree that is harvested at least one new seedling is planted in the spring.

The trees in the grove provide a natural habitat for many different forms of wildlife. Songbirds, birds of prey, wild turkey, deer, rabbit and fox are some of the inhabitants of our grove.

Tress planted in environmentally sensitive areas have been left to mature providing a buffer zone along the natural, cold water stream. These trees provide shade, prevent erosion of the stream banks, and enhance fish habitat. All the trees in the grove purify the air by consuming carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.

After Christmas a natural tree may be used in the yard to support bird feeders and later it may be chipped for mulch. These trees are both recyclable and biodegradable.

Christmas trees have been planted on this farm for over 50 years, by four generations of our family. They were first planted by Diana's dad Ross with his parents and siblings in 1962. Sales of Christmas trees began at the north end of the farm in 1969. New seedling have been continuously replanted since then. The south end of the farm was first planted in 1972 when Diana was in kindergarten. The farm is currently run by Diana and her husband Bob, and now the fourth generation, Ryan and Julie.

Over the last few years we have expanded planting and have added a variety of different types of seedlings. We now have five varieties of Spruce, White, Black, Blue, Norway and Meyers. We also have Scotch and White Pine, Balsam Fir and a few Fraser Fir.

We hope you enjoy your winter outing selecting a tree, and will make this a family tradition as many of our long time customers have done.

Bob, Diana, Ryan & Julie Barrett

Barrett's Christmas Tree Farm